History of Tobacco


Tobacco is most widely associated with the very early America's; it became more widely known when the Europeans started trading with it but it is far from healthy according to pretty much the whole medical world. It has been recorded that tobacco dates back to Pleistocene Era 2.5 million years ago. It was then that Paleontologists from the Meyer Honninger Paleontology Museum had found very small blocks of fossilized tobacco that was found in the Maranon River Basin located in Northern Peru.

Humans began using tobacco through small amounts of nicotine as far back as Old World plants, which include the Belladonna and the Nicotiana Africana. There is no evidence that any kind of habitual tobacco use was found in the Ancient World other than the Americas. Back in 6000 BCE experts do believe that the first tobacco plants started growing in the Americas. In 1BCE the American inhabitants started to find ways to use tobacco, which did actually include smoking, and chewing it as well a hallucinogenic enema mainly used by the Peruvian Aguarauna Aboriginals.

By 1CE tobacco was used everywhere in the Americas. Eastern North American tribes would carry very large amounts of tobacco looking to trade at a moments notice and as they worked they would smoke it in pipes but mainly in ceremonies that were considered to be tribal, sacred to seal a bargain. Here is the history of different time periods and their history with tobacco

Ottoman Empire: Tobacco was first used as a commercial product that first arrived in the 16th century, when it did arrive, doctors saw it as a medicine that can be given to the sick. It was later discovered that it did cause dizziness, fatigue and the dulling of the senses. As well as it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. In 1682, Damascene jurist Abd al Ghani al Nabulsi declared that tobacco has become very famous in the Islamic countries and people are devoted to using all kinds of the tobacco and even children as small as 5 years. By 1750 the townsmen started noticing that more women then men started using tobacco and drinking coffee just the same as the men.

In the United States in 1609, John Rolfe lived in Jamestown, Virginia and he was he the very first person to be credited with the successful growth of tobacco at the time it was called Brown Gold and it was mainly used for commercial use then. In the 17th and 18th centuries the tobacco was the cash crop of the Virginia Colonies and into the Carolinas. Tobacco is one product that has continued to grow and it more popular as ever before.